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We are a highly specialized team of Data Scientists determined to bring your business from data to decisions.
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What we do

We help companies turn their collected data in AI-Tools - with an eye on business relevance.

Data Science Workshop on artificial intelligence

Who we are

Our data scientists live a hands-on mentality: Fast learning - both in our AI applications and beyond.

Jens and Natalie, the principal data scientists of the company, while explaining machine learning concepts.

What we offer

From training to implementation to project support.

Data Scientist holding a workshop on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
"Die Zusammenarbeit mit Jens und Natalie verläuft stets professionell, zuverlässig und kompetent. Die Beiden können und leben KI und der Austausch hat mich auch – fernab von all den spannenden inhaltlichen Themen – menschlich bereichert. Die KI-Schulungen, an denen ich teilnahm, sind darüber hinaus sehr informativ und für die Teilnehmenden toll aufbereitet. Vielen Dank,!"
Dirk Lion
Programm-Manager, Cyberforum Akademie

" hat Qymatix effizient geholfen, unsere Software um ein KI-Modul zu erweitern. Jetzt können wir unseren Kunden noch bessere Vorhersagen liefern."

Lucas Pedretti
mitgründer und Geschäftsführer, qymatix solutions GMBH

We help companies translate their data into business-relevant AI applications.

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses many things: from autonomous cars and automated data evaluations to recommendations for sales. We have specialized in the two most important fields:  evaluation of automated data and recommendations. In our experience, this is where the greatest benefit for companies lies. In this regard, we use all state-of-the-art methods of applied statistics and computer science, such as neural networks. The end result for our customers is an intelligent software product that accelerates workflows, combines large amounts of data into relevant information, and enables data-based decisions.

what we offer

Our Services

Schulungen und Workshops im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz und KI
Training courses
Your start in the world of data-based decisions. Learn the basics of AI in our workshops using an application-oriented manner. Read more about it in our workshop offer.
Training und Befähigung von Mitarbeitern und Mitarbeiterinnen im Bereich KI / Künstliche Intelligenz / AI / Machine Learning / Data Science
Data Review
Have you already collected data and don't know whether it is suitable for an AI application? Let's find out together in a 3-week sprint!

Programmieren, umsetzten von KI-Anwendungen
Based on a prototype, an individual AI model is created and integrated into your IT landscape, so that the results of the AI ​​model can be used productively for you.
Use Case
Speaker / Vorträge im Bereich KI / Künstliche Intelligenz/ AI
We give lectures on the subject of artificial intelligence: introduction, explainable AI, programming of concrete AI applications, ethics, and AI.
Projektbegleitung KI
Project support
Are you planning to introduce AI into your company and would you like to operate the solution in-house? We empower your employees to do this.

Ethik und KI / AI and Ethics
Coffee, Ethics & AI
We organize an open coffee conversation covering current events at the intersection of ethics and AI (in English, every two weeks, online).

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